What I Offer

Treat your body and mind



Unwind and Decompress

Holistic, full body treatment that aims to balance your myofascial slings and unwind torsional patterns in the body. You will leave feeling decompressed - lighter, taller and deeply relaxed. These sessions are an excellent way to kick off a series of personalised training, unravelling held tension and liberating you to explore your body and movement in a fresh, new way.
Available in studio or in the comfort of your own location.


Intelligent whole body training

Learn how to sense and release common persistent postural locks that may be inhibiting your power, coordination or flexibility. More a work in than a work out, these private sessions are designed to help you tap into your full movement potential. By learning how to generate, and transmit forces through your body most effectively, you can reduce the load on your joints and discover a newfound flow and confidence in movement. These sessions are highly tailored to your body and needs, whether that be transcending pain and injury or working toward specific performance goals.
Available in studio or at your own location.

Small group training

Train with friends or family

Bring a friend or three for a JEMS-inspired Pilates class. Enjoy a creative, full body training session, developing a supple, springy strength, greater poise, and confidence. Play with a range of small apparatus including Swiss balls, the Oov, chi balls, foam rollers, weights and therabands. Available in studio or at your own location.