• Laura Kavanagh

Book Review: The Power and the Grace

This is such an empowering read. Finally a book about teaching movement that is as much about the brain and how we learn best, as it is about the movement outcomes we desire. Knowing what we want from a client in terms of posture or movement, is often the easy part. Knowing how to communicate that in a way that is meaningful to them and that creates a true, lasting change is the real challenge. There is so much wisdom in this book to that end. Teaching your clients how to sense themselves more accurately, removes the necessity for restrictive postural cues that are often actually inhibiting normal, functional movement (I’ll never cue tummy in and glutes tight again!).

The techniques are so simple and yet consistently create profound “lightbulb” or aha moments for my clients, liberating them from years of postural stress in an instant. This might sound like an overstatement, but you only need to explore Chapter 6 on postural locks and the keys that unlock them for yourself, and you will see what I mean.

The book is also a real joy to look at and read. The pictures and images clarify the concepts beautifully. The language is inviting and rich with imagery so you can often feel the value of the movements depicted before trying them out for yourself.

I particularly love the emphasis on exploring new options and revealing potential as opposed to correcting, controlling or fixing. Highly, highly recommended for anyone who desires to teach movement with the nuance, finesse and creativity that our incredible human bodies and minds deserve.

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